- Rachael and Kenny

Why do we love telling love stories so much? Because we are living one of our own!

Eight years ago, we met on Tinder and immediately connected over a shared love of off-roading and storytelling. Kenny would document our adventures Jeeping across Georgia on video while I snapped photos along the way. It didn't take long to recognize we had a special ability to capture the fullness of a story by collaborating through our favorite mediums. Today, we explore the rolling countryside of our home state (and beyond!), bringing our warm and fun­loving personalities to elegant wedding celebrations. And we hope yours is next! 

partners in business and life 

meet rachael and kenny

I’ve spent the last seven years since preserving all the laughs, tears, and of course, kisses on the best day of people’s lives. And there’s truly nothing on this earth I’d rather be doing!

With a vibrant and bright style, I turn unforgettable moments of love into art for couples across Georgia, Tennessee, and beyond. Inspired by the southeast’s vibrant greens and nature, I fill galleries with images that are as romantic as they are timeless.

It’s no secret that weddings – especially the planning process – are remarkably high stress, and I now translate my passion for mental health into bringing a listening ear and sense of tranquility to the whirlwind.

But it wasn’t until I met Kenny and partnered with him in both life and business that Vici Photography became what it is today… more on him in a minute!

When I’m not photographing wedding days or editing a gallery, I’m probably off-roading with Kenny in our red Jeep Wrangler, lifting weights, grabbing coffee with a friend, or rewatching The Proposal or Gilmore Girls for the billionth time with my kitties. 

I can’t wait to meet you, learn your love story, and yell, “Daaaaaamn, you look good!” during your bridal portraits.

So, let’s get this party started!

meet Rachael

Kenny is the lead cinematographer and audio engineer of Vici Photography, but he’s also my supportive, encouraging, wonderful spouse. With a degree in audio engineering, he now works at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, and he has such a gift for preserving moments others might miss. 

He catches candid moments and details in such a beautiful way that perfectly complements my approach to still photography. Together, we are able to tell wedding day stories in their fullness and give our couples heirlooms that will last a lifetime and beyond!

When he isn’t doing his thing on a wedding day, he’s usually working on the Jeep Wrangler, documenting an offroading trip for his Youtube channel, shooting an event for a local race track, or planning our next adventure. If a location has a jaw-dropping landscape – like mountains or canyons – it’s probably on his travel bucket list. And as a child of the Jersey Shore, you know he’s a massive fan of beaches!

We like to say that our wedding photography experience – from booking to the engagement session to the wedding day itself – is like one big double date. And I can’t wait to plan our double date with you!

meet kenny